Buying a firearm online is simple. Just 3 easy steps: Select the firearm or frame you want and complete the checkout process on our site. Find an FFL dealer (Federal Firearms License) in your area: Contrary to what CNN will tell you, it is illegal for us to ship a firearm directly to you. Federal
This target is courtesy of Bill Blowers and Tap Rack Tactical.  Click target to download as a .PDF   Also available are these grey B-8s (to save ink) from Primary & Secondary
A question we frequently see is what Surefire Scout tape switches will work with which lights and what advantages there are for each. This post will help you decide which assembly may work best for your needs and should give you a better understanding of all  the options out there. If you have any other
B-8 Target @ 10  yards. Load 1 magazine with 10 rounds. From the holster draw & fire all 10 rounds using support hand only. X ring = 10 points 10 ring = 10 points 9 ring = 9 points 8 ring = 8 points Outside 8 ring = 0 points Time must be under 30