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Modern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class AAR

June 27-28, 2020 | Jeffrey MorlockModern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class – Royal range- Nashville TN I attended the Modern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class at the Royal Range in Nashville on June 27/28 2020. The class was about 50/50 LE and Civilian with one MIL guy as well. Be prepared to shoot […]

JBS The SpinUp – Pistol AAR

June 27, 2020 | @gumtreepewpew Spin Up Pistol – JBS Training Group AAR Last weekend I took a pistol class with Mark Smith of JBS Training Group. The class, called “The SpinUp” is not meant for beginners but rather for those that are well established but looking for ways to increase performance and ‘spin up’ into Mark’s […]


JUNE 8, 2020 DAVID ZAKAR As the DC-MD-VA area slowly opens back up from COVID-19, the number of training classes available has slowly increased. While I try to be cautious and only take outdoor classes, wear my mask, etc., it has been nice to get back into shooting more heavily again. One class that was […]

Centrifuge Training | Chase Jenkins VCQB AAR

June 6-7, 2020 | “Tobes” Centrifuge Training | Chase Jenkins VCQB AAR Pre-Class Spin Up  I trained to these activities to help prepare for the course Practice shooting out to 25 yds Pistol targets/drills from TREX ARMS/Sentinel Concepts Shooting from behind barriers High Intensity Interval Training/Steady State cardio Equipment Glock 19 Gen 4  Ameriglo sights […]

JBS Carbine Spin Up AAR

May 30, 2020 | @gumtreepewpewSpin Up Carbine – JBS Training Group AAR Last weekend I took a carbine class with Mark Smith of JBS Training Group. This wasn’t my first carbine course, however, and yet I found it still highly beneficial. He has a great way of packing tons of content into an articulate and […]


MAY 18, 2020 DAVID ZAKAR It has been a long time since I’ve gone shooting, probably 2.5-3 months. The pandemic and resulting lock-down has been brutal in many respects, but the closure of all the ranges and mass class cancellations has been particularly tough on me. When I found out that Green Ops was doing their Sunday clinic at an […]

AAR – Greer Group Training & Consulting – Vigilant 01

May 16-17,2020 TIMOTHY Clark WILLIS AAR – Greer Group Training & Consulting – Vigilant 01 Location: Bolovia, NC Date: May 16th and 17th 2020 Cost: $175 Equipment:-AR Build: CMT receivers set, Sionics ERGP 11.5″ barrel, Geissele Mk4 10″, VLOTR Buffer, SBA 3, Saker 556k on Deadair Keymo.– P320, PMM JTTC Comp/Barrel combo, Holosun 507c, Gun […]

Modlite Beam Comparison

There are a lot of options out there for high output LED lights. It’s one thing to look at and compare specs but having a visual is something you just can’t replace. We decided to do a little testing and post some pictures of some of the most popular lights on the market today.For this […]


FEBRUARY 25, 2020 DAVID ZAKAR I’m not really much of a shotgun shooter. I do quite a lot of practice with rifles and pistols, but shotguns never seem to figure into the mix as much. This is generally because I shoot at indoor ranges most of the time, and they almost never allow birdshot or buckshot. […]

Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Pistol AAR

2/22/2020 | Chris Norville Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Pistol I recently attended a Red Dot Class taught by Scott Jedlinski, also known as Jedi, owner of Modern Samurai Project. Scott is a relative newcomer to the training industry, but he has developed a well-deserved reputation as the red dot guru. I have listened to […]

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