***USED*** Boresight Solutions Glock 17/34 Gen 3 OD Green Frame


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This frame was Ike’s carry piece for a while (look on IG for lots of pics). It is a USED frame. The trigger group is brand new and is 100% OEM. There will be signs of wear and carbon but it is still covered by Boresights lifetime re-texture guarantee.

Modifications Done: 

-Medium Texture

-Level 1.5 Reduction

-Short Grip Mod 1 (Gen 4 19 RCS Freya Compatible)

Duty Series GLOCK Grip Package Includes…

  • 360 degree grip shavedown, with primary reduction in the front & back;
  • Finger grooves removed, and frontstrap reinforced to prevent flex/warp;
  • Trigger guard/frame juncture high cut and polished for higher grip and eliminate “glock knuckle”;
  • Bottom of trigger guard flat textured for support hand traction (can be polished smooth if you prefer);
  • Glove Bevel;
  • Magazine Release Scallop
  • Tang area high cut, tapered slightly on the sides for higher/deeper grip, and polished;
  • All textured areas framed in with recessed edge lines for a clean border.

Level 1.5
Reduces and reprofiles the prominent backstrap hump in the lower 1/3 of the grip

Razorback Upgrade
Relocates the backstrap hump higher up in the grip, and provides a solid “ball and socket” interface between the gun and your hand, which makes for a more natural and secure handshake with the gun, and reduces the gun’s tendency to shift in your hand under recoil or rapid fire. (compatible with all reduction profiles. not recommended for small hands.)

Short Grip Mod 1 (SGM1) Full to Compact, ex 17 to 19
For shooters who want the longer sight radius and barrel velocity of a fullsize pistol, but with a more concealable grip size of a compact. This modification is not simply cutting the grip off so it accepts magazines from the next smaller model.with the SGM, we strive to replicate the profile and features of the model it’s being sized after in every way. When applicable, this includes the half-moon cutout at the inside rear of the magwell, relocating the rear lanyard hole properly upward, reshaping the backstrap profile for proper ergonomics, and creating a finger lip at the bottom of the frontstrap. While our method is very labor intensive, the resulting details and profile look and feel so similar that oftentimes people won’t realize that they are handling a frame that’s been cut down from a larger size unless the slide is on it.



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Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in


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