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Description: Surefire Shim Kit, 5/8-24. This kit contains quality stainless steel shims assembled by Surefire. Use this kit to properly index your muzzle device.Tthis kit works with 5/8″ x 24 TPI threaded barrels chambered in .30 caliber, 7.62mm or .300 Blackout.  Along with a tube of Rocksett in this kit, it also features 8 shims of various thickness to allow you to accurately install muzzle devices to your firearm.

This is a direct replacement shim kit for FH762RC Flash Hiders, but can be used on any other muzzle device that accepts these sizes of shims.


  • 8 Stainless steel shims of various thickness
  • Tube of Rocksett

One of the benefits of Surefire’s muzzle devices is the highly intuitive timing system, which uses several color-coded shims to achieve your ideal positioning. But, as with any small parts, it’s very possible for these to disappear. If you’re moving your Surefire devices between rifles and need a new shim kit, we’ve got you covered. This shim kit has everything you need for mounting a 5.56 surefire device on 1/2×28 threading.


  • Matches 1/2x28TPI thread pitch
  • Includes 12 Shims of Various Thicknesses
  • Tube of Rocksett included

The kit even comes with a small tube of Rocksett, which acts as a thread locker to keep your device attached. But be mindful—too much Rocksett can make it very difficult to remove your device in the future. One or two drops is plenty.

SureFire designs and manufactures a wide variety of firearms accessories.

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