Modlite ModButton Lite | High Current Switch For Modlite & Surefire Lights | Mod Button Lite (MB-L)
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Modlite ModButton Lite | High Current Switch For Modlite & Surefire Lights | Mod Button Lite (MB-L)


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ModButton Lite is a smaller lighter weight cousin to the original ModButton. The switch features the same momentary only activation as the original ModButton. It also features the same high power cable and switch from ModButton but in a slightly smaller package without the integrated mount. The switch is made from injection-molded plastic and fully potted to ensure a durable long lasting switch.

ModButton Lite utilizes a patented Unity Tactical design which supports power delivery needed by the next generation of high output weapon lights. A Unity built Surefire® compatible cable lead allows ModButton Lite to be backwardly compatible with all Surefire® Arisaka and Modlite Scout bodies as well as Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps. If constant on is a requirement we recommend using a Surefire DS00 tail cap which can be found here.

One problem that exists today is older legacy switches are not able to pass the current needed to run current and future generation lights. These older switch designs do not allow Modlite light heads to run at full power.  Typically these switches reduce output by 15-20%. ModButton Lite utilizes an updated plug design as well as improved electronics that allow the Mod Button Lite to output at full power so all the lumens and candela can be put to good use.

ModButton Lite is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes and features more durable buttons than many competing pressure switches on the market.

The package includes the switch PIC mounting rail and mounting hardware only. An MLOK adapter kit will be available at a later date.

Made in the USA

Weight: 1.8oz
Dimensions: 1.0 × 3.8 × 5.7 in
Mounting Side: Left or Right
Color: Black



If you have any questions about batteries please check out our FAQ section about batteries here.

Want to read more about Modlite Systems and their company? Check out this article from AR Build Junkie. Also, check out the informative FAQs for Modlite products, batteries and light outputs in general.

You can also purchase the PLH , OKW and IR Head separately for your Modlite or Surefire M600DF Bodies. The Modlite 18350 and 18650 bodies work with all Surefire Scout tape switches, tailcaps and mounts.


Additional information

Weight 7.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 3 in
Cable Length

4.5" (Most Common), 7" (Extra Long)

Switch Color

Black, FDE

Tailcap Options

No Tailcap (ModButton switch only), UE Tailcap (Black), DS Tailcap (Black), UE Tailcap (Tan), DS Tailcap (Tan)

22 reviews for Modlite ModButton Lite | High Current Switch For Modlite & Surefire Lights | Mod Button Lite (MB-L)

  1. smithluckk (verified owner)

    The lite version is perfect. You can mount it anywhere your heart desires and feels great on the hand. And of course Big Tex was incredible with their lightning fast shipping and always better than the competition’s pricing. My go to store from here on out! Thank you Big Tex!

  2. Jacob Brandon (verified owner)

    Great product, great dealer, super fast shipping. What more can you ask for? Works great!

  3. Fraz (verified owner)

    Small footprint for more mounting options. Button press feels positive. Works well for shorter rails.

  4. Daniel H (verified owner)

    I held off on the original Modbutton because I wasn’t particularly interested in an integral mount. When I saw the Modbutton Lite, it was just what I was looking for. It is slightly brighter than my SR07, and takes up much less rail-estate. The button is much more tactile than the SR07 and I don’t miss the constant-on. The cable is the perfect length, and I love how it clamps onto the rail, rather than just snapping over it like the SR07, and I feel comfortable without ranger bands or electrical tape securing it to the rail.

  5. connorppowell (verified owner)

    The relevant question is whether the Modbutton Lite offers a better solution than the legacy SR07 switch. While I like having the Constant On ability on the legacy option, the Modbutton does objectively seem to be a better solution, especially for 18650/18350 powered lights. It’s low profile, bolts solidly down onto your rail, feels more positive to actuate, and seems to handle the higher amperage of modern lights much better than Surefire switches. I would highly recommend the switch, so long as you use the DS00 tailcap for optional Constant On.

  6. Hunter Crumley (verified owner)

    I love the tiny footprint and the amount of railestate the Lite frees up. I recommend pairing it with the DS00 tailcap to give you a constant on option. I’m also happy with the ability for it to keep up with the stronger, newer lights. Kudos to Modlite and BTO for having plenty of these at launch.

  7. Darrin (verified owner)

    Easy install and overall awesome product, fast shipping from BigTex outdoors

  8. Brian (verified owner)

    Was thinking of buying a second hand SR07 tail switch until I found this little unit. Less than a week later I have it installed and I’m using it to larp around my back yard until I can get some actual range time. Mount is solid and the button press is consistent and requires some force. Only warning is that you need to find a way to keep the hex nuts in place incase you loose one and spend 10 minutes staring at your carpet with your light.

  9. wiwong90 (verified owner)

    Works great with my Surefire M600DF!

  10. joelyang03 (verified owner)

    Buttons no longer have the tactile click to it, however works just fine!

  11. Nick Blenderman (verified owner)

    My mod lite wont turn off after installing this button. Using a surefire official tail cap.

    • Ike Stephens

      Hey Nick,

      Have you contacted our customer service team yet? We’ll get a new one headed your way.

  12. Ben H (verified owner)

    A small lightweight replacement for the surefire tape switches I was using. Has some built-in well thought out features that show the designers were also end users.

  13. boostinix (verified owner)

    Super tiny/minimal footprint, nice button press feel, strong attachment

  14. Dan w (verified owner)

    Noticeably smaller footprint than the tape switch/metal clamp on holder provided by the competition. Also slightly brighter. Fast shipping given the times and great service as always!

  15. Jacob Brandon (verified owner)

    Awesome piece for using little rail space and getting the most out of the modlite. Would recommend!

  16. Joshua-Angelo Magno (verified owner)

    Awesome button! Saves rail space over standard surefire buttons and is going to be paired with a DS00 tailcap with Modlite PLHV2.

  17. Joshua-Angelo Magno (verified owner)

    Awesome button! Saves rail space over standard surefire buttons.

  18. Chee (verified owner)

    A must have for any weapon mounted modlite!

  19. Corey Miles (verified owner)

    Awesome little switch, you can’t really go wrong with Unity products and they keep coming out with awesome new products!
    And super fast shipping too!

  20. D_H (verified owner)

    Small footprint, easy activation but not so easy that you’ll get negligent discharges. Also the 4.5” cable is generally going to be long enough where the normal st07 leaves a lot of cable management.

  21. Lucas Romann (verified owner)

    Works well, low profile, doesn’t take up a ton of space.

    What could be improved in my opinion,
    More positive feedback when the button is depressed.
    The screws stick out a little further than I’d like past the nuts.
    I’m not a fan of the polymer construction. Feels not as nice as expected.
    Saying that, I’d probably buy again though.

  22. david kiwacka (verified owner)

    Leight weight, small footprint, easy activation. If you are short on rail space, or just don’t need a bigger button get this!!! I’m running it with on Streamlight ProTac HL-X with an Arisaka adapter and Surefire tail cap.

    Just be careful when installing. Its easy to knock out the nuts, and those suckers are hard to find on a black rug.

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