Glock OEM Spring Cups SP00070
Glock OEM Spring Cups SP00070

Glock OEM Spring Cups SP00070


Glock OEM Spring Cups SP00070

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The perfect solution for storing your Glock parts while cleaning or preforming maintenance.

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Glock Factory Part Spring Cups GLSP00070 This is a Glock factory OEM original part for your Glock. Why settle for second best or a knock off when you can have the original factory replacement part? Brand new. This replacement part is a factory original from Glock. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.


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Weight 0.17636980990343 oz
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

15 reviews for Glock OEM Spring Cups SP00070

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Needed this for a build and everyone wanted to charge an arm and a leg for shipping! Thanks BTO for stocking and having good shipping rates

  2. TSteph (verified owner)

    Genuine Glock OEM, as advertised. BTO prices for these small parts are the best I’ve found, especially when you take into account the low shipping cost and the rewards program. You just can’t go wrong!

  3. charles_y (verified owner)

    In stock, shipped quick!

  4. payton.piglia (verified owner)

    OEM Part at a great price! Thank you Big Tex for the very fast shipping!

  5. johnkim.tfa (verified owner)

    If you are looking for OEM parts at rock bottom pricing, look no further. Big Tex is the best place for all OEM glock parts!!! Shop in confidence that you are getting the best deal and not getting overcharged in shipping.

  6. nikonikosan.17 (verified owner)

    Awesome pricing for OEM Glock parts! Fast shipping as well. These cups are fun to install as well…

  7. elliojw (verified owner)

    Tiny but important part. In stock with great pricing and shipping as always.

  8. Andrew DEORIO (verified owner)

    Oem parts at great prices and quick shipping.

  9. scojo (verified owner)

    These are one of those little parts that seem insignificant until one wanders off or gets launched across the workshop. They have worked with the reliability that you’d expect from OEM parts, goes bang every time.

  10. domaguin (verified owner)

    Easy part to lose so bought extra since it was the best price around.

  11. o1.thongy (verified owner)

    Great prices for genuine OEM part!

  12. Jeremy Christopher (verified owner)

    OEM.. doesn’t get any better then that..

    Coming directly from the finest glock dealer in the entire country..
    Thanks BTO.. I think I love you guys🤣

  13. Great White Shark (verified owner)

    Such a critical item that is so easily lost..

    Best prices in town.. yee haw!

  14. thongybeary (verified owner)


  15. jaykayd (verified owner)

    These are easy to lose so I’m happy to have another set at such a reasonable price!

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