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The completely redesigned Glock® Gen5 Extended Slide Stop Lever is thicker and more robust than in previous generations, and the thumb tabs have a tad more outward angle to give you better contact for more positive operation. It’s a factory replacement for a worn or broken original part on your Gen5 pistol. The Gen5 Extended Slide Stop Lever is fully ambidextrous, making it easy to release the slide with whichever hand you prefer. Glock’s Gen5 Extended Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever comes with a coil spring instead of the flat-wire spring used in previous models, for enhanced reliability and longer service life. SP47249

This part fits all gen 5 G17, G19 & G19X pistols (Gen5 only).
This is a Glock factory OEM original part for your Glock. Why settle for second best or a knock off when you can have the original factory replacement part? Brand new. This replacement part is a factory original from Glock. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.

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13 reviews for GLOCK OEM GEN 5 EXTENDED SLIDE STOP LEVER G17/G19 & G19X SP47249

  1. Thomas Densberger (verified owner)

    Good price fast shipping much better than the factory slide release

  2. Louis Halasz (verified owner)

    I always use the Glock OEM extended slide stop/release for my Glocks. Used this to upgrade my G45 and worth every penny!

  3. Robert Moyer (verified owner)

    First time installing this on my glocks. I used other glocks that had them and really liked them so I ordered three for my g26, g19 and g19x. These were priced good and arrived in three days. I look forward to installing them and trying them out on the range.

  4. wvantiques1611 (verified owner)

    I first tried the extended slide stop on a Glock 34 years ago. Ever since, I have changed out all of the Glocks that I shoot regularly to the extended.

  5. Gordon Pankratz (verified owner)

    I am a lefty and bought this for my new G19 as the stock release was very stiff and hard to release. Works wonders! Shipping was as promised and was a snap to put in – worth every penny. Funny this item is not found on the Glock website since it is a Glock part…

  6. Joseph Maynard (verified owner)

    As a lefty, this is a must! 2 minute swap on a G45. Sweet price and super fast shipping.

  7. Kenneth Keller (verified owner)

    Best price. Excellent customer service. Shipped quick. Thanks guys for keeping your store functional while we go through the market downturn. Much appreciated.

  8. jdmandrell (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, watched one video on youtube on how to install it, and had it swapped out with the original one in about 3 minutes with nothing but the Glock Armorer’s tool and a “Armorer’s Donut” (Roll of duct tape to set the frame on) 🙂

  9. azamatsh (verified owner)

    Great original product! Big Tex Outdoor is outstanding company with high level services!

  10. allgooddeeds2 (verified owner)

    This item is top notch, and in my humble opinion, should be stock! You won’t regret the decision to add this part to your Glock! 😄

  11. glockcandy (verified owner)

    Fast, good quality shipping. Part is OEM and fit the Gen5 as it should.

  12. Brent Bingman (verified owner)

    Glock OEM Extended slide release is 5/5 stars. This product is a must have.

  13. jdmandrell (verified owner)

    Best upgrade to your Gen 5 Glcok!

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