FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil 2 Ounce FC-2


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Conditions metal to minimize carbon fouling
Carbon fouling wipes off easily
Reduces friction with long-lasting, superior lubrication
Long lasting, low odor, biodegradable, non-toxic

Product Description

Imagine finding a gun oil that works as advertised, and being able to clean your gun without scrubbing and scraping. FIREClean is a revolutionary way to keep your gun shooting cleaner, longer, and better. Complete, easy gun care in one bottle. Non-toxic and odorless, FIREClean dissolves fouling. It cleans deeply and powerfully, while offering extreme heat resistance and deep, powerful cleaning. See why some of the world’s best shooters choose FIREClean to keep their guns running and minimize wear. Why do we have an AR-15 bolt carrier in the picture? That’s because it is one that has been shot on a FIREClean-conditioned AR and shot for 210 rounds. Carbon has a very hard time sticking to the important metal parts. Once a gun is conditioned with FIREClean, you can clean an AR-15 with paper towel and QTips, and not worry about reoiling every time that you go to the range. A semi-auto shotgun piston that used to be scraped and scrubbed? Now it just wipes off, like on this AR-15 Some shooters really appreciate the fact that FIREClean is odorless and doesn’t fill up the kitchen or family room with noxious odors. It is NOT fatal if swallowed, and does not require HAZMAT disposal or ORM-D shipping. Whether you’re shooting a Blunderbuss or a Minigun, FIREClean will make your gun cleaning regimen cheaper, faster, and better. Some customers even use it to lubricate bike chains, squeaky hinges, door tracks, etc.

Additional information

Weight 4.7972588293734 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil 2 Ounce FC-2

  1. Chee (verified owner)

    Not just some vegetable oil. This stuff works great and best of all is nontoxic! Easily removes carbon and fouling

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